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Being noticed can be a burden, so I disappear a lot.

All I can do is be me, whoever that is.

Flit like a fly catcher
I'm a Hufflepuff (with some Slytherin tendencies). I enjoy thrift shopping, and cooking, and trying to write. Sometimes I role play, sometimes I rant. I usually lurk. I watch more movies than is healthy and I'm a self proclaimed music addict. I really like books too. Books are wonderful.

Vegetarian, godless and [very] liberal (in the western sense of the word) would be my most important labels.

It should also be noted that Harry/Draco are my OTP, and will be for the duration of my life. Other OTP's include Brian/Justin, Remus/Tonks and Lois/Clark. I am also not so secretly in love with Sam and Dean Winchester.

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